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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Brief History

Keep In Touch
Keep In Touch

As long as people need to communicate directly, they start by speaking to express their different needs. Then they used fire to communicate. Then knew writing and printing, what was the beginning of the evolution of basic human relations. The discovery of electricity, in the eighteenth century, their communication development; as they used it to overcome barriers of distance and time and location, so that communication has become a necessity of life.

The invention of electricity and the discovery of radio waves  harness the electromagnetic spectrum that the communications revolution came up. And soon was born the modern generation of communication, depending on the computer, and digital technologies, satellite, embodying the communications revolution, that the regions of the world became a small village at night.
The impact of the communications revolution in people's lives, socially, culturally, scientifically, technologically, economically and militarily. Inaccessible Areas are now reachable through various programs broadcast, audible or visible, Ancltha of isolation, increased integration into the global community. It has also become work in these areas, the desire to develop, develop, lighter and less severe, thanks to contacts, which allowed workers contact their families, Vazdedua stable and focused in their work. Were dropped communication barriers between peoples, and contributed to the convergence of different civilizations, through the programs, which broadcast day and night, from any spot on the surface of the earth, carried by satellite to other parts of the world; not hampered by time differences, and in different seasons or terrain, nor oceans and seas. And became in the capacity of businessmen to pursue their activities, whether in their offices or cars or planes.

Systems have been used from a private communication, to reveal what its contents earth, from the sources of wealth, whether water or metal; helped to map the geology of minutes to the ground, allow the extraction of treasures, scientifically sound and accurate. In the field of medicine, became Telecom has made significant contributions, including: imaging the internal organs of the human body by ultrasound;, education and guidance, medical from a distance, to give doctors the technical skill, and the transfer of expertise necessary to conduct different surgical operations, and modern. Communication also plays an influential role in the political sphere, as it became instant connection, and direct, between heads of State and Government, is a facilitator, would stop the armed conflict, and contribute to propose solutions to crises.
The web of the most important aspects of the communications revolution, as it allowed for an exchange of messages and information, in moments, by means of: video and audio formats, also facilitated access to research and scientific articles, published in journals world; what provides researchers and students with the latest developments in various scientific fields . Used in e-commerce, and business deals; companies, factories, and commercial markets, harness this medium is unique in its kind of declarations, without the need for intermediaries.

Has been active in the direction of human development of methods and means of communication, driven by the urge in the district needs. In the process he developed, over the centuries, communication systems and means, until they reached the current era, which is called the era of the communications revolution.
The emergence of the Information Society, or the vast cosmic, that resulted from the fusion of three revolutions: the information revolution, communications revolution, and the revolution in computing that led to the results, he did not expect rights.
The communications revolution, changed the face of life on earth, and influenced all different fields, affecting the social life of people and society, and change the shape and content of the international economy, and economic relations of the people and nations. The impact of communication in achieving progress and prosperity for the peoples of different, and defend the rights and welfare gains.

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