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Monday, May 2, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention

Necessity is the mother of invention
Necessity is the mother of invention


Human social nature, whom God created them; distinguish with his mind, and consciousness, and his ability to think and speak, and communicate ideas and meanings and opinions,  by contact with others; in addition to its ability to learn and gain experience. So, he could not live in isolation from other members of the society.

Primitive man discovered his weakness and lack of resourcefulness, in the face, solo, the difficult circumstances surrounding it. The natural instinct, rushed to live with others, and felt the need to contact them, cooperation and organization of work among themselves, giving rise to clusters of the first human being on earth.
Imitates animal rights and environmental phenomena surrounding it, fired sounds, intensity and height of the suit, the risk of what he wants to express that. Then resorted to hand signals and legs, and body and facial expression and dance: the individual and collective. And use of fire, and forms is, on the ground or on the walls of caves; This was the first method of expression, and the basis for the first known human language.
Then evolved means of communication among the people of primitive societies, to the beats of drums and pigeon, and written messages. And after the invention of electricity, signals used telegraphic and telephone communications; and have acquired used until it reached what it is now, and the development of a multiplicity of means and methods different.
And harnessed for the benefit of human communication, and they were in the following areas:

1. Provide the basic components of life

Primitive man needed, to reach his place in which there is fishing, and fruit and water, and ways to access them. Then understanding and agreement on the method, to organize their cooperation during hunting, and distribution of tasks among themselves; and how to use their different skills, to achieve the goal of providing food, as well as the preparation of food and drink storage, to meet the need during periods of less than fishing or dominated by drought, or those that prevent the conditions of the severe nature of fishing.
Human remains in the modern era, needs to be modern means of communication, to meet the new demands. He needs it to explore areas of natural resources, whether underground or in the depths of the oceans, and determine the best method to use. As used in the communications business deals, for mutual benefits; and transfer of expertise in all disciplines, and across the world in places as far apart. The exchange of knowledge and science, which allows the exploitation of available resources best be used. It is through communication, regulate the industry and production, to feed into the global level. The communications revolution has led, in the current era, to enjoy the rights, and up to the highest degree of well-being, everywhere on Earth's surface.

2. Upgrading the components of basic life

Rights sought to raise, and provide more prosperity and progress, and the satisfaction of needs that are not material, such as culture and science. Having succeeded in laying the foundations for the provision of the basic components of his life, and developed throughout history, has taken advantage of modern means of communication available to provide more prosperity and progress. Then came the book and the newspaper, and spread software: audio and video, bear culture and science to all segments of society, and crossed the borders of countries and continents, to unite cultures, and make the world a small village. This was not to be achieved, but using the latest communication systems.

3. Provide security and safety
Did not differ need to provide security and safety, from Neanderthal to modern man, but the difference in means of communication used to achieve this goal. He needed the first man, to warn his colleagues of any risks, using every means at their disposal, he has the fire and the sounds and signs and symbols; also taken advantage of these signals in the request for aid and help.
In this era, and as a result of the outbreak of numerous armed conflicts, you need the belligerent armies to means of communication, a strong and reliable efficiency, the link between the soldiers and their leaders, and between military units and to each other, to deliver orders and instructions, and follow the work of subordinates and helping them, and overcome the difficulties they face; which provides the best use of forces and capabilities, and to achieve flexibility and speed. Also used modern means of communications, to secure and transport: sea and air, and the provision of confidential transactions: financial and trade; to the use of these modern means to predict natural disasters and climatic conditions, well in advance, and disseminate this information through its own networks Balnagdp and relief; and management dealing with natural disasters, such as: earthquakes and hurricanes.

4. Interaction with others
In addition to physical drives, which drive the rights to link to his comrades, there are emotional needs, driven by lofty human qualities, paid rights to start a family, and the satisfaction of the instincts of fatherhood and motherhood. It is the pillars of the family, is the ability of people to communicate with each other mutually, and communication between the part of some families, and between different social groups within society, and between communities and larger organizations.

5. Explore the world

The human mind rejects closed doors, and is always trying to learn and detect unknown; therefore the need to explore the world and the interpretation of different phenomena, and the desire of continuing scientific and technological development. Not notice rights in all parts of the globe, and reached to the tops of the peaks and the forests and jungles, and deserts, and the deep seas, and oceans, and then look to the planets, and began to conquer space, and the permanent need to communication systems to achieve this.

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