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Mobile Operator

A mobile network operator (MNO), also known as mobile phone operator (or simply mobile operator or mobo ), carrier service provider (CSP), wireless service provider, wireless carrier, or cellular company, is a telephone company that provides services for mobile phone subscribers.
One essential characteristic that defines a mobile network operator is that they must have acquired a radio spectrum license from the government before they can clear mobile phone service within a country. The precise spectrum obtained does depend on the type of mobile phone technology the operator intends to deploy. For example, a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network operator will require a GSM frequency range. The government allocates spectrum using whichever method it chooses, although the most common method is an auction. Recent allocation of 3G and WiMax licenses in Europe and India (only 3G in India) have been auctioned.
However the operator must also deploy essential equipment in order to offer the services, most notably the radio transmitter network and the core network. In addition, other service platforms such as voicemail and SMS centre will be deployed as well as billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Mobile Operators in Egypt :


Mobile Operators in Egypt
Since its inception in May 1998, Mobinil has strived to maintain its position as the leading Mobile service operator in Egypt. Honoring the trust of more than 30 million customers, Mobinil is committed to being the leading Mobile service provider in Egypt, providing the best quality service for our customers, the best working environment for our employees, top value for our shareholders, and proudly contributing to the development of the community.

Our shareholders, Orange and Orascom Telecom Holding are international leaders in the realm of telecommunication. Mobinil has benefited from years of experience in an international context to become the largest wireless service provider in the Middle East.

Over the past ten years, Mobinil has delivered on its promise to millions of customers, whose confidence in the reliability of our services has reinforced this solid leadership position. This confidence was reaffirmed in a recent nationwide survey by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority [NTRA], where Mobinil customers reported over 97% satisfaction rate in the products, services, and customer service levels offered during 2007.

Mobinil tops Telecoms World Awards Middle East

Mobinil has been nominated for two prestigious awards, Best Brand and Best CSR Contribution in the Telecoms World Awards Middle East competition.
About the Telecoms World Awards Middle East

Launched in 2007, the Telecoms World Awards, Middle East is the perfect opportunity to look back and recognize the sector’s greatest achievements in the last 12 months. The second annual Telecoms World Awards Middle East recognize and celebrate those companies and individuals who have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed, continually set standards of excellence, and who will be the future stars of the industry.

About the awards
The Egyptian Institute of Directors, in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation [IFC], the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, launched the 2006 Best Annual Report and Best Website competitions which are evaluated by an independent Jury, inviting all listed companies in Egypt to participate.

More on the largest and newest mobile network:

  1. In cooperation with mobile giants Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei, Mobinil deployed 700 3G sites in August 2008.
  2. Mobinil has expanded the core network by three extra switches with capacity exceeding three million subscribers based on Huawei New Generation best in class technology [NGN].
  3. More than 2000 radio antennas have been replaced.
  4. Mobinil teamed up with Alcatel Lucent to support moving subscribers from traditional database to the state-of-the-art "New Generation" database.
  5. To accommodate the demanding growth, Mobinil partnered with Alcatel Lucent and Motorola to further expand its 2G network.
  6. Mobinil was the first network to announce the use of strong EDGE strategy to boost Data-Rates which opens the chance for more and more data applications through more than 2200 sites.
Boasting the strongest mobile network in Egypt, Mobinil has:
4299 sites

36 switches

25 mobile BTSs with:
  1. Built-in echo cancellers on all switches
  2. EFR voice clarity enhancement
  3. State-of-the-art antennas

Mobinil was the first GSM in Egypt to extend its network services to:
Underground stations, having installed 17 Micro BTSs covering stations in Cairo.

Al Azhar Tunnel
All our customers benefit from Mobinil's widest coverage area:
Coverage extends to more than 99.65% of the Egyptian population.

Mobinil has international roaming agreements with 390 operators in 150 countries

Mobinil was the first to establish roaming agreements with the US and Canada, as well as non-GSM Operators in South America extending our services to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and The Philippines, to name a few.

Mobinil offers roaming with satellite operators such as Al-Thuraya.

Mobinil is currently preparing for the OHSAS 18001 certification [Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series] – another step that shows Mobinil's concern about the well being of its employees, customers and the community.
Mobinil was the first telecom company to receive ISO 14001 certificate in Egypt and the Middle East. It has also obtained official renewal of the ISO 14001 for the fifth consecutive year.
Mobinil is the first mobile operator in Egypt to implement the technology provided by HP "Next Generation Operation Support System [NGOSS]". Mobinil has successfully deployed phase 2 of this cutting edge technology, which offers our customers:
  • Assured service quality and availability.
  • Reduction in network problem-solving time.


About Vodafone Egypt

Mobile Operators in Egypt
Vodafone Egypt is a total telecommunications provider, covering a wide array of voice and data exchange services, as well as 3G, ADSL and broadband Internet services.

Launched in 1998, Vodafone Egypt supported by Vodafone Group’s know-how and its own local market research provides innovative products perfectly suited for its customers.

The leading Vodafone Egypt spirit and its ever broadening network have paved the way for numerous investment opportunities and world-class continuous customer support.

Vodafone investments in Egypt are an evident reflection of its commitment to its civic involvement for a stronger market foothold, both on the short and long terms. When the Vodafone Egypt General Assembly voted in September 2006 in favor of the acquisition of 51% of Raya Telecom shares – a telecom leader on its own right, the aim was to secure further expansion of corporate communication services, serving different Egyptian businesses and companies. A further acquisition of up to 97.52% of Raya Telecom shares followed after the ground-breaking success of the initial step. Later, Vodafone secured an even stronger market share when Telecom Egypt pushed for a major increase of its own Vodafone corporate share from 25.5% to 44.7% in a massive stock acquisition move.

Today, Vodafone still owns a dominant 54.9% share of Vodafone Egypt and is cooperating very actively with the selective and powerful local team. The crowning event of this cooperation was the resounding and very successful introduction of 3G Broadband technology to the Vodafone Egypt network on May 11, 2007, enabling unprecedented visual communication, song downloads, and a variety of invaluable corporate services ranging from the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card, the USB modem, the Little Box for wireless internet services (Wi-Fi) for large corporations and businessmen and broadband internet access for individuals and corporations.

Another giant step for Vodafone Egypt was its close matching of its own corporate policy with local government policy through the provision of job opportunities for young graduates, exporting high-tech products and the launch of its renowned call center in Egypt. The call center has leaped from success to success ever since its inception in 2006, particularly when Vodafone Egypt signed call center contracts with Vodafone Australia, New Zealand and lately the UK to provide top-notch customer and technical support for customers in these countries. This international expansion further sealed the confidence of Vodafone Group in its Egyptian counterpart for the provision of call center services of world quality and standards, and its trust in the ever expanding possibilities of the Egyptian youth.

Vodafone Egypt staff is now 6000-member strong and is proud to be serving more than 25.79 million customers (June 2010) all over Egypt. Its success relies on its superior network, privileged customer service, innovative products and a determined goal-based strategy. Vodafone Egypt is also proud to offer effective roaming communication supported by agreements with 564 partners in 188 countries spanning the world.



Corporate Information

Mobile Operators in Egypt
Etisalat is a leading international telecom company operating in 18 countries around the world. Egypt is one of the countries where operation was launched in May 2007 as the first 3.5G operator. Etisalat’s entry to the Egyptian market ushered in a new era for the telecom industry.

Etisalat Misr introduced for the first time to the market a host of 3.5G services, such as video calling, mobile TV, mobile broadband internet and data services. In a bolder step, 3.75G was introduced and assumed absolute market leadership in providing the fastest broadband internet in the market through USB modems and 3G mobile handsets.

Etisalat’s entry brought to the market an array of competitive and innovative rate plans that attracted one million subscribers in the first 50 days of operation. Thanks to the entry of Etisalat to the market, mobile users in Egypt now have wider options, higher service quality, more innovative services and better value for money.

Today, Etisalat Misr’s 2G and 3G robust and high quality network covers and serves 96% of the population in Egypt. Moreover, Etisalat Misr is the first and the only operator in Egypt that has an exclusive international gateway and its customers enjoy competitive international rates to all destinations around the globe. In order to complete Etisalat Misr’s product portfolio, two well-established ISPs (Internet Service Providers) were acquired and provide broadband services to customers while at home and while on the move.

Likewise, Etisalat Misr is an active corporate citizen, the official sponsor of Egyptian football and the Egyptian national team taking every opportunity to engage in many social activities to serve the various groups of the Egyptian society.

Corporate Social Responsibility represents an on-going commitment for Etisalat Misr. The company which is a participating member of the United Nations Global Compact has revolutionized the concepts of CSR, introducing trends like “Cause based CSR” and leading several initiatives in the fields of environment, special needs, humanitarian aid and sustainable development.

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